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How does your safety plan stack up?

We all know that working in the agriculture industry is not exactly the safest sector to work in. Most of us know someone who has been badly injured or killed doing the job they love. Most of us can probably also think back on some of those accidents and make some judgments about what could have been done differently to prevent those accidents from happening.

Part of what we need to do to lower the number of accidents in our industry is to remember to use the past as we look forward to our future. We all need to remember to learn from previous shortcomings and lack of planning by implementing a safety plan TODAY and committing to keeping it current as we learn more and as equipment evolves to become safer to use and is designed to keep its user safer.

If you don’t yet have a safety plan and don’t know how to start one, here is a site to get you started:

Upcoming Shows: Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Canada’s Farm Show, formerly, Canada’s Farm Progress Show, will open on Tuesday June 16, 2020 and run through Thursday June 18. It should be an exciting show with new dates, new times, and it’s a “new indoor show!” Click here to buy tickets in advance:

Ag in Motion runs July 21 – 23, 2020 at Langham Saskatchewan. Tickets can be purchased in advance: This is Western Canada’s Outdoor Farm Expo where you’ll find a demonstration field, crop plots, indoor livestock exhibits, and other demonstrations such as The Stock Dog Demonstration, Cattle Handling Demonstrations, TMR mixers.

TireGrabber News: Grabbing the Spotlight

Safety in Agriculture: Making large-scale tire swaps safer
People who work in the agriculture industry know the risk of changing large-scale tires. They are big, heavy, awkward, and dangerous. These days more and more farmers are handling multiple large-scale tire changes per year.

Although many accidents, even fatalities, have occurred while changing tires, that statistic has the potential to change for the positive. Although tire changes can’t be avoided, they can be a lot safer. Bonus, they can also be quicker and less prone to bouts of profanity due to frustration.

Darcy Goossen got it and still gets it. Large scale tire changing is a chore that can’t be avoided not matter how much it is dreaded. That’s why he invented The TireGrabber, a device to make large-scale tire changes safer, easier, and faster to keep you safe, less prone to bouts of profanity, and back into the field where time feels better spent than it does time spent on tire changing.

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Dealer of the Month: FARM WORLD

Farm World is a Proud Customer using The Tire Grabber for all their onsite tire changes and provide customers with demo’s in the Northern Saskatchewan area, they really are a great promoter and take the time to share the features and benefits, thank you to them!  Read more here

Industry News: Gaining Traction
Canadian Ag Safety Week

March 15 – 21, 2020 is Canadian Agricultural Safety Week. The focus this year is Safe & Strong Farms: Grow an AgSafe Canada which is celebration and an encouragement to farm families and farming communities to grow their safety through resources, safety articles, and the AgSafe Ribbon campaign.

Get your FREE conversation starters here: and use them to help you open the discussion about farm safety everyone you meet. For more information about Canadian Ag Safety Week, visit: