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Ready for spring yet?

When many other businesses have slowed or stopped completely, we know that agriculture will not stop. Many things we have taken for granted have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the world still needs to eat.

Perhaps some of our routine processes and maintenance will be slightly changed or slowed down with suppliers and farmers all making efforts to keep social-distancing possible. We won’t be shaking hands we might not even see the person that delivers our supplies, but farming will still go on.

Spring is an exciting time of year full of promise of another growing season. Most of us are still waiting to get outside, or still preparing to do so, and some of us farther south have already got some seed in the ground. Either way, we can all enjoy our time outside getting back on the land.

COVID Statement

During these uncertain and unprecedented times, at The TireGrabber we are doing all we can to do our part to minimize the impact and spread of COVID-19. Though we remain open for business, we do so while ensuring the health and welfare of our employees and customers.

This means that we are following all guidance and directives provided. Be assured that we will continue to operate our business safely and reliably at all times. Though it is uncertain how long these disruptions will continue, farming must go on, so please be assured that we will be doing everything we can to ensure that we can meet your expectations.

We thank you sincerely for your business and the opportunity to support your operations. We wish you and your families continued health and well being.

Upcoming Shows: Where the Rubber Hits the Road

The TireGrabber is still hoping to attend shows so long as they run! Please visit event pages for current show status and COVID-19 statements. If they run, we will be there! Let’s flatten that curve so we can all get together and talk ag in person. Please see the links provided for each show’s current status.

Canada’s Farm Show
June 16, 17 & 18, 2020
1700 Elphinstone Street, Regina, Saskatchewan
Formerly, Canada’s Farm Progress Show, will open on Tuesday June 16, 2020 and run through Thursday June 18. It should be an exciting show with new dates, new times, and it’s a “new indoor show!” Click here to buy tickets in advance:

Ag in Motion
July 21-23, 2020
Northwest of Saskatoon on Hwy. 16, at Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm Langham
Runs July 21 – 23, 2020 at Langham Saskatchewan. Tickets can be purchased in advance: This is Western Canada’s Outdoor Farm Expo where you’ll find a demonstration field, crop plots, indoor livestock exhibits, and other demonstrations such as The Stock Dog Demonstration, Cattle Handling Demonstrations, TMR mixers.

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show
September 15, 16 & 17, 2020
Canada’s Outdoor Park, Woodstock, Ontario

TireGrabber News: Grabbing the Spotlight

Top reasons to use the TireGrabber
There had to be a better way. There was, it just needed to be invented.

The TireGrabber was originally invented to make Darcy Goossens’ own farm life a little easier but when friends and neighbours started asking for their own TireGrabber, Darcy saw that he had truly made an improvement for everyone who finds themselves having to change large-scale tires on equipment.

The TireGrabber quickly found its way into equipment dealerships where changing large-scale tires is a routine job. The same benefits that farmers found using The TireGrabber were also discovered by those dealerships. Employees were safer and changing tires got a whole lot faster and safer.

To sum up The TireGrabber:

  • Grips the tire firmly and safely preventing the tire from tipping over
  • Allows the tire to rotate while being held securely by The TireGrabber’s 3-armed grip
  • Cuts time spent on tire changing time in half!
  • Allows the tire to be rotated and aligned onto studs while the tractor, Bobcat, or skidsteer does the heavy lifting.

It’s safer, easier, and cuts tire changing time in half. What more could anyone ask for?

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Dealer of the Month

Based in Linden, AB, Linden Agri-Centre has been going strong for over 45 years supplying farm implement sales, service, and parts. Linden Agri-Centre is there to meet the ever-changing needs of the farming industry. With 10 mechanics, a sales staff of 4 and 4 full-time parts employees, they are staffed to meet your needs. Linden Agri-Centre’s main focus is New Holland products and seeding tools. They also carry an assortment of shortlines to cover their customers’ lawn and garden, grain handling, acreage and construction needs.

Linden Agri-Centre
820 Central Ave W, Linden, AB
Phone: (403) 546-3814

Industry News

Although agriculture will carry on in order to feed the world, the industry has not been free from feeling the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic. There are many challenges facing everyone involved in all aspects of the industry. The Cargill beef plant in Alberta is just one business that has been hit by the virus and forced to scale back operations. This nearly two-thirds cut in processing hits their bottom line, but also affects their customers and suppliers.

Cargill’s beef plant is just one example. There are many processors, and of course, all their suppliers and customers, who are feeling the COVID crunch. Let’s all do our part to flatten the curve so we can get back to full speed as soon as possible.

Below are a couple of links to information to help guide us all through these rough times.